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1, Why should I offer Text Chat services On my Website?
A, Providing live text chat facility on websites is known to increase sales. Since customers feel valued with a personal touch and can get their doubts cleared before the point of sale.

2, Will my customers face any problems during the chat sessions?
A, Our Staff is experienced in handling text chat screens. They are also fluent in English so they will not allow your customers to face any problems

3, How long does My client needs to wait before your operators handle my client ?
A, Your Customers are never made to remain on Que. They are served immediately. We ensure our computers and internet connection is fast.

4, Your staff does not know anything about My business. How will they attend to my clients?
A, you just need to provide us with basic info about your services, Prices and any technical part of your trade. Out staff are quick learners. So instantly they know all about your business and handle you clients accordingly. During emergencies they call you on phone to know any unanswerable questions.

5, Do your text chat operators handle all kinds of chat rooms?
A, Yes. We have staff who can handle kids chat rooms, adult chat rooms, teen chat rooms, Home work help chat rooms and all kinds of technical support chat rooms.

6, How do I know about the interaction between my clients and your text chat operators?
A, Every day or every week we will mail you the chat history to you. So that you know what your clients expects and you can serve them better.

7, Will the services be not available during nights and holidays?
A, We have special staff who work exclusively on Sundays and holidays. Hence our service is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

8, How do I install a chat box on my website to provide live text chat services to my website visitors?
A, There are many paid and free text chat operator software available. Contact us for more details regarding installing of text chat box on website.

9, What is the advantage of outsourcing my online customer services to you?
A, Since we have well trained staff to handle your customers. So the quality of our service is superior. And our charges are less because cost of living in India are lower when compared to the western countries.

10, What are the charges for your services?
A, Kindly contact us via phone or email to know about charges for our services

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